With our well established manufacturing unit producing high quality various industrial and consumer packaging containers. We believe in business with a conscience and we set about producing some of the finest Plastic packaging products available in the market today, all with an aim to provide the best packaging solutions.

The strength of company is its well structured shop floor. The team is highly qualified, experienced and enthusiastic to serve the needs of the market. All our products manufactured in-house are tested on various quality parameters as detailed in quality control section.

The team is dedicated and committed to fulfill the customer expectations on various factors including quality control, timely delivery and price competition.

Our production is capable to handle multiple industrial and consumer packaging solutions under one roof. The Monthly production capacity of up to 500T with all in-house printing solutions meant to offer customers better service and quality.

Our current range of products include various sizes of Jerry cans, Tamper proof food containers, high quality Buckets, Fish crates & Fruits/vegetables crates too, which cater to various industries like paint industry, lube oil industry, chemical industry, Food industry and to certain extent FMCG too.